The Physio Centre works with a number of local and international insurance providers to provide a direct billing service. Currently, our list includes Now Health, SAICO, AETNA, Inayah TPA, and Neuron (Enaya, Cigna, AETNA, RTA, DEWA, Emirates Insurance, Orient, Raknic).

Our exceptional front desk team will ensure that the approval process is as seamless as possible and that you are made aware of every requirement, be it a doctor’s referral, radiology report or your need to cover a deductible/copayment because it is stated in your policy.

If your insurance is not accepted, we will provide you with reimbursement claim forms completed by the Physiotherapist, as well as advice regarding other documents you may need. We always advise you to check with your insurance provider, to confirm your personal eligibility for Physiotherapy, and the reimbursement process.

We are regularly in contact with other insurance companies and TPA’s (Third-party administrators) to be part of their Network of Preferred Medical Providers, to make it easier for patients visiting our facility, helping them have a hassle-free experience, and will update our Physio insurance page, as changes happen.