Dubai has been my home for almost 7 years. It’s dazzling, dynamic people and distinctive traditions made it more interesting. With many great opportunities, I was fortunate to receive an offer to work here at The Physio Centre in early 2020, just as the chaos of COVID began. It was challenging at first, but with perseverance I quickly adapted and have continued to learn about my job, effectively supporting the team, and being part of it. I have enjoyed working and embracing new challenges that come my way.

Prior to moving to Dubai, I had the opportunity to be part of an American insurance company that let me study Basic & General Insurance Concepts, which I followed up by studying Personal General Insurance in Singapore in 2014. I have also spent 6.5 years in sales, servicing an American telecom company and in College I studied Banking & Finance, doing my internship at a bank.

I knew there was more out there for me, and with Dubai calling to me, it was time for a new beginning so I decided to jump into a new adventure.

When I arrived I worked in the real estate business here in Dubai for almost 5 years, primarily doing administrative management. I assisted with transaction coordination from contract to closing. I was the main point of contact for all potential, and in-process clients as well as meeting prospective clients to build the business. The work inspired me to travel and see the world.

The COVID19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions have made it harder to travel but I see light on the horizon and have begun planning my next overseas vacation, which will likely be to the Philippines to visit my family, whom I haven’t seen for several years, or somewhere that is cold and has a lot of snow, the opposite of Dubai!!