Every year since 2017, the city of Dubai celebrates fitness and wellness with the Dubai Fitness Challenge, asking its residents to move for 30 minutes, for 30 days straight.

And every year since 2017, The Physio Centre has held its own little challenge within the clinic, where staff and patients compete to move as many minutes every day for 30 days, to promote health and movement, two things we know wholeheartedly contribute to improved lifestyle and reduce pain!

This year, we have had ‘unprecedented numbers’ join our little challenge seeing 5 staff, compete with 17 patients! There has been some healthy competition (with some tactics thrown in) at the top, and now on Day 27, our clear leaders are Ana and Rob.

The aim of our event is not to promote competition, but to get our local population moving more daily, and more regularly.

The highest level of research shows that without a doubt, moving more improves our health. Be it heart health, brain health, gut, joint, muscular and nervous system health, we benefit from exercise.

Every year, the general responses from our local competition are:

1. ’30 minutes is nothing’.

2. ‘I feel much lighter’.

3. ‘I have more energy'.

4. ‘I’m going to keep this up.’

And this makes us very happy! With only three days left, it will be very interesting to see who ups the ante and takes home the kudos of being The Physio Centre’s 5th DFC Challenge Winner!