As a clinic recommending health and fitness, our social events often revolve around being active and trying something new. So this time, we chose a sport that one of us plays, one is just learning, one hasn’t played for twenty years and two have never picked up a club. Golf. And not just golf, Top Golf.

Down at Emirates Golf Club, they’ve introduced a way for golfers of all levels to play together. Whether you can hit the ball 300yds or you can’t make contact, this is fun. The aim is simply to make contact with the ball and watch it fly or roll into one of the many enormous targets, placed at different distances from your tee. With each target comes points, and these build up to provide some healthy competition. It’s all automated so no need to pick up balls, no need to watch your balls as it all comes up on the screens to show flight path, distance, and speed through the microchipped balls.

Honestly, our two hours of activity and laughter flew by, with a unanimous decision to come back again for the Christmas celebration - No need to spend a Christmas celebration sitting down, we do enough of that already.


1. Book early.

2. Ask for a ‘Bay’ on the top level (there are three levels and one is on the ground).

3. Wear a pair of trainers, and comfy clothes you can twist and laugh in.

4. Start with the high irons before you whack the driver.

5. Calm down when the computer system isn’t perfect - sometimes it doesn’t record everything perfectly!

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