Getting the correct knowledge out to the community is part of our job, whether it’s one by one to patients, or getting the opportunity to broadcast to the world over the radio.

This month, Miffy was invited onto Sharjah Radio’s sports show, The Half Time Show, with Omar Al Duri to talk about the basics of injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL. This ligament causes huge financial losses to professional sporting clubs, and huge time outs to professional and recreational athletes.

​We talked about the ligament, the risks to the ligament, management of the injury and most importantly, ways to prevent damage to the ACL. In the interview, Miffy mentioned five programs to implement to help reduce the risk of ACL injury, and here we’ve listed those programs for you and links!

FIFA 11+ - Aimed at football/soccer. Also aimed at reducing knee injuries in general, not ACL specific.

Football Australia Perform + - a revised version of the FIFA 11+ out of Australia. Again not ACL specific.

The Knee Program by Netball Australia – An ACL biased prevention program, focused around the sport of netball.

AFL Prep to Play-Based around women’s Australian Rules Football, specially designed for Women and their needs in sport, to reduce ACL injuries.

PEP Program – Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance – designed by the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Research Foundation in the USA. Similar to FIFA 11+ and Perform +, it’s a soccer based program to reduce knee injuries.