PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma Injections are a hot topic right now. If you've been to your Orthopaedic Surgeon for an old knee injury, or an old tennis elbow, there's a good chance in Dubai you've been recommended them as a treatment option.

PRP is the injection of your own blood products back into an injured area, with the aim being to create a localised healing response and reduce pain and increase function. They do this by taking a patient's blood, spinning it at high speed to separate the blood into different substances, like milk separating, then taking the plasma from the blood, and re-injecting that into the injured area.

PRP has come in and out of fashion over the years and always struggled to get a proper foothold because the evidence behind it has not been conclusive. Cochrane, an ethical group of people who review and collate an enormous amount of research in an effort to tell us overall, less biased results, recently concluded that PRP is NOT EFFECTIVE in treating lateral elbow pain.

Lateral Elbow Pain often assumed to be 'Tennis Elbow', is one of the injuries where PRP is most commonly recommended and used as treatment. There's mountains of research on the treatment of this condition, and the only common positive results come from a combination of treatment targeting the strength around the elbow, shoulder and neck - so hard work people!

But, as we all know, if we're offered an easier way, we take it.

Well, as mentioned above, the evidence is in. The easier way doesn't work. And given that it doesn't work in the lateral elbow, we need to keep asking the question, 'Does it work anywhere?' We don't know yet, but given the high cost, we believe you should really be thinking twice before signing up. And whilst you're thinking twice, give REHAB a really good go, make sure that you've got the right PHYSIO on board, and that you are doing strengthening exercises, not just getting a rub and some electrotherapy!