employee spotlight - danielle hudson

A little bit about me… physiotherapist, professional napper, handbag junkie and mum of two. I became a physiotherapist in 2007 due to my love of the human body and my want to help others.

My mum's best friend’s son was born with cerebral palsy and my mum would often help out with his stretching and rehabilitation. I think subconsciously being exposed to this from such a young age give me an insight into the human body and the challenges it can face.

My journey as a physiotherapist started off in the North of England, a place called Newcastle (famous for brown ale, Alan Shearer and Greggs pasties). I spent a number of years there working both in the NHS and private sports clinics. This experience was invaluable to me and gave me the confidence to travel the world developing my skills further as a physiotherapist.

I have worked in both London and Canada and have now been in Dubai for the past six years, a place I call home. I have been in Dubai for the past six years and I am loving the opportunities it has offered. My passion is treating shoulders, there wobbly and challenging to rehabilitate. When I’m not at work I’m either hanging out on a Pilates reformer or doing my other full-time job…parenting!