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The Physio Centre FZ-LLC
Application #: IR04730-03/10/2019 | Approval Date: 07/10/2018

The Physio Centre Dubai

Our approach has always been simple, and continues to be simple: We look for a cause and then provide a cure.

The Physio Centre provides physiotherapy and services from assessment & diagnosis to treatment & rehabilitation setting ourselves apart from other Dubai based clinics. Our therapists focus on evidence based medicine, combined with strong clinical reasoning meaning for the patient, a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise prescription, and less emphasis on the 'old school' approach using multiple machines.

Our clinic, based in Healthcare City, employs Australian, New Zealand and Irish trained physiotherapists who are highly educated in advanced techniques and research, and continue to upgrade their knowledge using international further education.

We use our skills to get everyone back in action – from the mall walker, to gym initiate and the elite athlete.

The Physio Centre Dubai strives to be open and honest in everything we do. We want you to get better.

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