For the 5th year running, November will be dominated by the Dubai Fitness Challenge #DUBAI30X30. The challenge encourages residents of Dubai and the UAE to spend 30 minutes, for 30 days, moving.

It aims to encourage the population of Dubai to increase their activity levels, as so many in the city are sedentary. It’s not asking for people to run a marathon, or spend an hour in the gym. It’s encouraging movement. And from a physiotherapy perspective, that’s what we encourage too.

For the fifth year in a row, we’ll hold our own competition in the clinic to support the importance of movement for health and fitness. Anyone can join, we just ask that you move, walk, stretch, run, balance for 30mins every day from October 29-November 27.

So, if you are starting exercising this winter, here are our injury prevention top tips:

1. Hydrate with water or Isotabs. Not those sugary drinks from the petrol station!!!

2. Start slow and gradually build your time and intensity.

3. Walking is moving.

4. Warm-up with a brisk walk or cycle.

5. Check you have good equipment, and that it is right for your chosen activity. Eat well to maximise your recovery – whole foods over processed/packaged foods are always better.

6. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Start again tomorrow.

7. If you have pain – Rest and listen to your body If it settles, start slowly again If it doesn’t, call 04-4370570 and speak to us!

You can follow our journey via our Instagram account!!!