Covid-19 has changed many things in recent times, especially when it comes to our jobs and the way we work. Our employers have realised that we can work effectively from home and this has sparked a new trend in countries all over the world.

As our homes become dual-purpose and our coffee houses more than just a place to catch up with our friends, working remotely gives us incredible flexibility and work-life balance. However, we must remember to stay healthy and to keep our bodies and minds in the best possible condition.

Making your work environment safe takes only a few minutes and can make all the difference. Here are our top tips.

1. Make sure your workstation is set up correctly. Your monitor is set at eye level, your chair is supporting your back and your legs are at a right angle. If you follow these simple rules it will help with posture and reduce the risk of neck and shoulder pain.

2. Keep mobile. Take regular exercise, walk up and down the stairs, around the garden or apartment. It’s important to the muscles and joints moving so that they don’t get stiff. The stiffer your muscles, the more likely you are to become injured.

3. Stay sane. Don’t just take breaks to move your body but also to keep your mind healthy. Have conversations, chat through ideas with a family member or colleague, make a hot drink. Sitting at your workstation all day without moving can cause mental blocks, depression and anxiety.

4. Work-life balance. Just because you are working from home it doesn’t mean you have to spend more time working. It can be easy to find yourself pulling out the laptop to quickly do something. Make sure your workdays are structured properly and that you are not spending more hours than you should behind a screen. If you would like more advice on how to set up a healthy workstation, please contact us today on the number below.