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Who We Are

Miffy Edlund
Specialised in Sports & Orthopaedics

Miffy Edlund Photo

Miffy has been working in Dubai since 2008 and prior to that was in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom as a physiotherapist. She treats a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions, but has a preference for lower limb and sporting injuries. She has worked with professional athletes in tennis, skiing, football and running. Biomechanics is her specialty and is often paramount in her assessment, treatment and prevention strategies. Miffy’s treatment is a mix of manual therapy and individual exercises, using some Integrated Dry Needling along with this.

Aisling Kealy
Specialised in Orthopaedic
Certifed Manual Spinal Physiotherapist

Aisling Kealy Photo

Aisling has extensive experience treating Musculoskeletal disorders - both acute and chronic. Aisling uses a revolutionary tool known as Anatomy in Motion to analyse joint motion and gait. She uses this approach that examine and understand why some patients have consistent pain or have repeat injuries. She prides herself on unravelling the root cause to MSK dysfunctions. She is leading the way with Women’s health services at our Clinic, where she provides services to pre- and post-natal women and patients with bladder or bowel dysfunctions and pelvic floor issues.

Brian Reilly
Specialised in Musculoskeletal & Sports

Brian Reilly Photo

Brian has experienced public, private, elite sport and armed forces working environments which have enhanced his practice greatly. After playing a variety of competitive sports himself, Brian has become an enthusiastic and proactive Physiotherapist with a passion for MSK, injury and Sports Rehabilitation. During treatment, Brian opts for specialist manual therapy techniques to aid in pain relief before using conditioning exercise to encourage the injured site to improve its capacity to deal with the demands of life. Brian received both his undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy degrees from his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland and brings with him delicate nature of the Celts and a healthy obsession with the Loch Ness Monster.

Ruby Teleron
Administration Manager

Ruby Teleron Photo

Insurance questions should be directed here! Ruby hails from the Philippines and has worked in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We were lucky enough to get hold of her to run our front desk, which she does with pure efficiency and professionalism. On her days off, you’ll find our diamond at Bounce, getting her trampoline on.

Charles Aguirre

Charles Aguirre Photo

A recent addition to our team, also come from the Happy Phiilippines. Charles has exceeded all our expectations and is not only our ‘Its an emergency and we need…..’, but has become a much needed third reception member who can save the day when we’re a man down. Charles is working on his baking, but has mastered his diplomatic skills!

Christine Joy Bolanio

Christine Joy Bolanio Photo

From the hundred islands of the Philippines, Christine joined our skilled reception team (read highly complimented), applying her customer service and time management skills. On her free time, she plays badminton, practices her cooking skills, and visits the world's longest zip line!

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