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Physiotherapy Image On your initial visit, our physiotherapist will listen to you, perform some tests to help give you a diagnosis, begin treatment and suggest some techniques to help yourself at home. From there on, your assessment will be ongoing during treatment and if appropriate, we will develop a tailored exercise program to accelerate your recovery. Our team will ensure you understand your diagnosis and keep you updated on your prognosis.

Initial appointment 60mins
Follow up appointment 30-45mins

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy at The Physio Centre Dubai Sports physiotherapy is physiotherapy for sports people — it’s that simple. Our job is to accelerate recovery, while allowing the patient to continue modified training so as not to lose skill and fitness.

Our techniques are the same, our advice will vary, and our exercise rehab takes the focus to prevent recurrence of your injury and use sport specific training to prepare you to come back. Video analysis is especially beneficial for this population to assess particular sporting actions as we can identify risk factors and correct them. Sports training places repetitive stress on the body, and weaknesses or incorrect technique can expose the body to injury, be it new and acute or a chronic ‘niggle’.

Initial appointment 60mins
Follow up appointment 30-45mins

Pain Management

Pain Management at The Physio Centre Dubai At The Physio Centre we are fully equiped to help patients who suffer from persistent pain conditions. The aim of the service is to make sense of your symptom of pain by providing a comprehensive assessment of joint stability, spinal and lower extremity postural alignment, gait analysis and muscle imbalances that may be reinforcing pain. We use a powerful approach combining in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology to assist the treatment of pain, or the prevention of its occurrence. We also aim to improve functional ability, to offer education on ongoing pain management strategies ie pacing, and to offer advice on exercise and the importance of movement for the control/reduction of pain.

Initial appointment 60mins
Follow up appointment Variable

Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehabilitation at The Physio Centre Dubai An important aspect of recovering from an injury frequently involves performing specific exercises to stretch, strengthen, stabilise and/or gain greater endurance. Our physiotherapists will prescribe an appropriate program just for you which may be done within the clinic and under the guidance of our Exercise Therapist, or at home by yourself. Our team will consult with you throughout your program, to work out an option that is best suited to your lifestyle.

Exercise Rehab 30m-60mins

Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical Analysis at The Physio Centre Dubai Physiotherapists are trained to analyse movement. At The Physio Centre we analyse movement either with the naked eye, or with video analysis. Movement can be as simple as bending forwards or back, or more complicated like running or a golf swing. Watching you perform these movements can give us information about why you have your pain, why you developed your injury or how we can prevent you getting an injury. This information will guide us in your management, as well as assist other professionals with your development eg. surgeons, coaches, trainers.

The most common biomechanical analysis we offer will be gait analysis, where we record you walking or running on our treadmill. We look from your head to your toe, looking to provide information to improve your performance. In Dubai, we spend a lot of time looking at foot function, so we can help you choose the right trainer for the type of running you want to do.

Initial appointment 45mins
Follow up appointment 30mins

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