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The Physio Centre Dubai

About Us

The Physio Centre does a few things differently to other physiotherapy clinics in Dubai:

1. Movement Analysis using Video Technology

‘The point of video analysis is to breakdown an action and decide where it varies from normal. The difficult part is knowing whether this variance is the cause, or potential cause of problems and pain’.

We offer professional video imaging and analysis for biomechanical purposes. We use software from New Zealand called Siliconcoach, that allows us to view your video footage frame by frame to assess your normal and abnormal movement patterns.

This can not only help us to evaluate the relevance of your inidividual biomechanics, but can also help us to educate you about you, and what you need.

The most common area to use this is footwear and which sporting shoe is appropriate for you. Too often we see patients come in to the clinic who have developed lower limb and spinal problems which can be related to the footwear they are wearing because they bought it for the colour or because no one gave them any advice. Looking at you on video can identify your foot type and provide you with a design of shoe that will compliment your foot.

2. Exercise Rehabilitation

Strong and current evidence suggests that recovery and prevention of injury using physiotherapy is most effective when a combination of hands-on and exercise rehab is utilised. The Physio Centre therapists will back this up with their own extensive clinical experience, so we provide both. We employ a qualified Exercise Therapist so that our patients can complete their individual rehab programs with perfect technique within the clinic ensuring maximum benefit.

3. Ergonomics and Work Rehabilitation Services

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the art of matching work to people. It’s about stopping injuries by reducing risk factors and arranging work environments to match the people that use them.

What do we do?

What is Work Rehabilitation?

Helping someone who is having problems at work because of injury or illness. This can be helping someone get back to work after injury or helping to prevent injury at work for someone with a medical condition.

What do we do?

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